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Maldives – Velassaru Water Villa


Staying at a water villa over clear azure waters of the Indian Ocean was truly an experience we will never forget.

We stayed in the water villa for the full duration of our trip as we have always wanted to experience an over water accommodation. What better place to enjoy it then Maldives, where the majority of over water bungalows and water villas in the world are located.

Velassaru Maldives has 1 premium water suite, 28 water villas, 17 water bungalows, 52 garden bungalows, and 30 beach villas perfectly situated throughout the property to provide enough intimacy to even the discerning traveler.

Calm mint walls, coral and yellow accents, and rattan furnishing compliment the external environment surrounding the water villa.

With ground to ceiling windows and an outside terrace with direct water access, we woke up to views of the pristine waters everyday.

There were always schools of fish passing under our villa, which made for fun snorkeling adventures.

It was a lovely short walk back to the island from our water villa, but we always ended up stopping on the pier to take snapshots of the gorgeous landscape, drink up the vibrant aqua waters, and the marine life swimming in the warm shallow waters.

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This cool and contemporary island hotel provides a haven for the wanderlust, a romantic getaway for newlyweds and a picturesque panorama for first time travelers to the Maldives.

Velassaru Maldives
Tel: +960 665 6100 or +960 333 2270
Email: reservations@velassaru.com

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